What is Casual and what is it used for?


Casual is a visual project management tool that organizes projects as workflows.

Casual is a cloud-based project management tool based on a new visual approach. It helps users plan and execute tasks and projects as visual workflows, just as people normally organize ideas in their minds. Other PM tools generally require users to make infinite task lists, create complex boxes, or use visual but limited dashboards. Here’s an amazingly easy way to manage tasks, projects and ideas with simple workflows.

Draw the plan with schedules, dependencies, and resources. Casual’s new approach makes project management incredibly easy. To plan a project, users simply draw their plan as a taskflow, as in Mind Maps. Users not only complete their plan quickly, but others on the team see and understand it just as easily.

Observe the entire image, keep control all the time. Controlling the project is also very simple with this visual project management tool. Users get an excellent panoramic view of all tasks and dependencies. No more confusion and frustration about how the project is going and who does what. Those in charge can monitor everything, such as activities, employee time, milestones and results. They can manage and maintain even multiple projects on time, on budget, and on course.

Automatically document the project and work proactively: using a special algorithm, the whole team stays focused on what is happening now and what comes next. With fewer uncertainties or guesses, users are also less likely to feel overwhelmed. In addition, each task and project can be saved as a template that can be reused in the future. Thus, people work intelligently, quickly finish and increase productivity.

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