What is CAVALLO SALESPAD and what is it used for?

Created by the designers of SalesPad, Cavallo offers distribution management software with all the capacity of a CRM and ERP solution, and all the functionality of the greatest technological powers in the industry, without bottlenecks, frustrating interface or access data difficulties. Distribution is in our DNA: Cavallo’s fundamental software was created by a distributor for his own business. In two decades since, we’ve expanded our software using the best research out there: our customers’ actual global distribution scenarios. Take advantage of new and improved software to run, optimize, and analyze your distribution processes.

Who is CAVALLO SALESPAD aimed at?

Designed for medium and large companies.

Features and Functions of CAVALLO SALESPAD

  • Rracking Samples
  • Raboratory Instruments Interface
  • Rertificates of Analysis
  • Rnventory Management
  • Rorkflow Management

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