Cerberus FTP Server

What is Cerberus FTP Server and what is it used for?

Cerberus FTP Server is a secure and reliable file transfer solution for the IT professional, running as a Windows service.

Cerberus FTP Server allows any user to easily and securely connect to the server with a web browser to perform file operations (upload, download, delete, rename, creation of directories and compression and decompression of files and directories). Users can request automatic password resets through the web client using email links and security questions (if the administrator allows).

Cerberus FTP Server exceeds industry standards with FIPS 140-2 and provides access controls necessary to comply with compliance standards such as HIPAA, ensures unauthorized users do not have access to data, and audits all commands and file access.

In addition, Cerberus FTP Server maintains statistical information about connections and file transfers and enables detailed server usage reporting. Filters and sorts enhanced reports by file name, file timestamp, user, date, or host.

Cerberus FTP Server offers a maximum share duration limit for publicly shared links, email notifications of important events such as user password expiration and password changes, custom virtual directories for individual Active Directory and LDAP users, Support for Diffie-Hellman ephemeral key exchange, limit controls and timeout controls, hidden server mode and, a status indicator and taskbar icon control.

Features and Functions of Cerberus FTP Server

  • Audit track
  • Access management
  • Aoles -based permits
  • Access /permissions controls
  • Awo factors’ authentication
  • Activity panel
  • Aanagement panel
  • Aanagement of Users
  • Aredential Management

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