Chronos Production Software

What is Chronos Production Software and what is it used for?

Chronos is a manufacturing  management system  that controls production processes in work centers improving KPIs in the most effective way possible, solving inefficiencies generated by not having integrated data, eliminating manual reports, excluding decision making based on assumptions and other situations which constantly caused a drop in production either due to lack of inputs or losses due to not being able to make timely adjustments in production and of course we optimize quality control throughout the process.

Best of all, it is a very easy to use solution, adaptable to your management model, 100% mobile and that it is an OPEX and not KAPEX (financially speaking).

Who is Chronos Production Software aimed at?

Chronos Production Software is a consulting company and services in information technologies, customer -oriented and constant commitment to quality, supporting us in our professionals whose mission is to generate added value to the objectives of our SMEs and medium clients.

Features and Functions of Chronos Production Software

  • Access to multiple monitor
  • Asing share screen
  • Aive chat
  • Aemote access
  • Aollaboration
  • Aobile access
  • Aile sharing

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