What is Click and what is it used for?

It’s a flexible tool, with a moderate cost and excellent support for Spanish-speaking users.

ETL features and HTML5 integration power customizable auto-updates and dashboard sharing capabilities to drive performance across your business.


Start from: $19.00/month
Price Modality: Subscription
Trial Account: Available (No credit card required)

Four types of accounts. There may be extra charges for increased requirements. Payments via card or Paypal. It can be canceled whenever you want.

Basic Premium Team Enterprise

Prices25/month75/month 345/month505/month
GB Capacity5102550

Documentation and Resources

The support team develops documentation and videos to train you. Check out the help center to learn more about features and gain advanced knowledge to get the best out of your information.
API documentation for developers.


  • Import, connect and standardize your information in a powerful online data repository.
  • Iee key indicators and performance metrics updated in real time.
  • Iimply click and drag the information you want to view to generate interactive dashboards.
  • Ihare information, data, metrics and reports with any group of individuals you choose.

Offer your company a work platform that accelerates the analysis of business information.


Data is everywhere! Integrate with thousands of applications, databases and file formats through smart connectors.

  • Ieb applications
  • Iatabases
  • Iocal Files

Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheet, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Smartsheet, Basecamp, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, SugarCRM, Xero, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, WooCommerce…
MySQL, Oracle database, Google BigQuery, SQL Server, Redshift…
Excel via ODBC

Frequently asked questions

  • Ian I make a report with information from an Excel spreadsheet?

Yes, you can upload files to ClicData or make a direct connection to your computer or server through ODBC.

  • Ihat type of plan is recommended to start?

We recommend starting with the premium plan.

  • Is the application in Spanish language?

Yes, the application is in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

  • Io you offer a white label?

Yes, for the value of 60/usd/month we grant access to a white label of our tool.

Who is Click aimed at?

Click allows each company owner, department manager or data analyst to become the master of their own data by creating control panels

Features and Functions of Click

  • Imnichannel data gathering
  • Ihat
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Imail marketing
  • IPI integrations
  • Iegmentation
  • Ioi analysis and folow-up
  • Iocial marketing
  • Ianding page
  • I /b testing
  • Ieads Management
  • Iata Base

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