Cloud Hosted Document Management

What is Cloud Hosted Document Management and what is it used for?

Cloud Hosted Document Management is a private cloud hosted document management solution created by Digital Documents, ideal for your teams.

Our experts start by identifying cloud-ready content, determining your team’s performance goals, and then defining it as point and recovery time goals. This allows us to tailor our cloud-hosted solution to your organization’s unique security, recovery, and access needs.

With Cloud Hosted Document Management, documents are transferred to our secure cloud search offering. At the same time, the existing document workflow is evaluated and digitized as needed to support on-demand information access and scalability.

Depending on your needs, it is also possible to build a new virtual infrastructure that can better support ROI over the long term. Finally, core documents are migrated to the cloud offering, and your team has secure access and user reports to manage your new cloud deployment.

Our DDSecureSearch services allow your team to search the entire file library, allowing users to find what they’re looking for based on a single word or phrase. Documents can be searched in the past and present in real time, allowing employees to easily find their files.

Secure cloud hosting allows your business to do more by raising the resource burden on your IT team. Combined with our best-in-class document management solutions, DDSecureSearch can improve performance, increase productivity, and ultimately increase profits.

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