What is Cloudapp and what is it used for?

CloudApp is a smart, enterprise-level, fast visual messaging platform that generates video, webcam, screenshot, and GIF creation.

It relieves frustration and misunderstandings of text-based communication, enabling teams to work faster and smarter, and empowers businesses with accelerated productivity. CloudApp combines annotated screenshots, GIF, and screen recording into one easy-to-use application.

CloudApp improves design team collaboration from brainstorming to final review. Easily record a webcam video to interact with your customers. Make your prospects feel special and highlight your product. Plus, record videos of your product to create compelling and eye-catching content. Enhance your email ROI with a striking GIF.

It was created to help modern professionals harness this same potential, and use visual tools to increase the speed and clarity of their communications and transmit ideas more comprehensively. CloudApp’s easy-to-use features won’t make you an artist, but make you a better communicator. Go back to basics and start working at the speed of sight.

Processes 60,000x images faster than text. By using CloudApp’s visual communication tools, both businesses and individuals can work faster and more efficiently.

CloudApp not only integrates into your current workflow, but completes it. Adds context to the communication and helps your recipient “see the full picture”. Whether it’s a sales demo, a software error or a design error, it saves time by allowing you to capture your thoughts and send them with a few keys.

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