What is Cloudcoach and what is it used for?


cloudcoach is a 100% native Project Management application from Salesforce. The easy-to-use app allows you to create projects of any size or complexity quickly and easily, and our comprehensive tracking of project task dependencies allows you to efficiently tune your project in response to unforeseen issues.

Our four levels of project management tools provide exactly what you need to plan and execute projects successfully. Based on more than ten years of customer-driven research, Cloud Coach includes the most important capabilities that project managers rely on to get their work done quickly and accurately.

Whether it’s a customer onboarding project, an IT development effort, or a marketing campaign, Cloud Coach lets you launch projects directly from your favorite Salesforce records.

Get an edge in project creation by launching new projects quickly and easily from your own best-practice project templates. You can even automate project creation using Process Builder and your own specific business rules.

Whether you prefer to work with a Gantt-style timeline or a Kanban board, Cloud Coach allows you to work with your project in multiple ways. And if you have trouble deciding, switching views is as simple as clicking a button.

Cloud Coach is perfect for managing your phase or phase development projects. With the best Gantt charts, workflow processes, approval mechanisms and Gantt reports.

You’re not just responsible for delivering your projects on time. Your executives also want to see the financial performance of your project. Running projects effectively often involves juggling more balls than just chronologies.



Features and Functions of Cloudcoach

  • Data storage management
  • Dlert
  • Dpplication management
  • Derformance baseline
  • Deal -time supervision
  • Dupervision
  • Doute analysis
  • Derver supervision
  • Dultired capacity
  • Deal -time analysis
  • Derformance supervision
  • DPI
  • Data display

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