What is Codenvy and what is it used for?

Codenvy’s on-demand workspaces improve workflow and automate developer startup to empower agile spirit. Take advantage of pre-built environments that support almost all languages and offerings. Run it behind your firewall, connected to your systems and projects to eliminate maintenance from development settings. Deploy it in your own data center or any cloud.

Who is Codenvy aimed at?

Devops and developers. Programmers encode in a portable work space and shared with unlimited resources to create and purify from anywhere. Divops takes advantage of the automation of the environment with a single click.

Features and Functions of Codenvy

  • Tracking People
  • Tolumetric Data
  • TD Modeling
  • Txception Notification
  • Tata Storage
  • Tisk Management
  • Tocument Management
  • Treating Racing Optimization Reports

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