What is Collectizi and what is it used for?

Collectizi is an ideal document collection and management web application for any company that wants to automate processes for its customers.

Through an intelligent, easy-to-use interface, world-class teams can accelerate their document collection processes and eliminate customer frictions. We provide a secure web application that allows you to seamlessly collect, approve and share client files. Collectizi is designed to optimize your work and delight those with whom you collaborate.

It’s easy to get started with the platform: all you need to do is create a request template and submit a file request with the list of documents you need. Your customer will receive a notification with a branded email from their email address.

They can upload their files to a custom secure portal and we send them automatic reminders to speed up this process. Once you receive your files, you can approve or reject them with a quick note. As soon as the Application is completed, you can share it with stakeholders and even add team members to help you with the process of collecting your customers.

In Collectizi each requested document has its own upload button that allows you to keep abreast of the collection process. You can invite team members to your account and contact customers directly from your dashboard. In addition, from your secure customer portal, recipients can send your documents to you using a smartphone.

Whether you need to collect customer documents as part of a loan, rental or registration process, Collectizi will help you make it happen. Better experience for your customers, fewer headaches for your team. We’ll set up your account in minutes.

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