BPM Commissioner

What is BPM Commissioner and what is it used for?

Comidor is an online BPM platform with collaboration, project and people management, case management and workflow automation capabilities that offers a variety of appropriate tools, if not necessary for all companies.
— Business Process Management (BPM) with different types of business processes such as cases, problems, tickets, projects, opportunities and more
— Process automation with BMPN 2.0 workflows, process scheduling and process templates
— Integrated communication with internal emails, chat, discussion dashboards and notifications
: interactive calendar with drag-and-drop functionality, where personal/group/ supervised tasks and events are located. Tasks can be repeated and assigned to individuals, group leaders, or entire groups.
— Document Management System (DMS) to manage your personal, shared and public documents and Content Management System (CMS) to share knowledge with the company
— 360° approach to accounts, contacts and lead management
— Project Management with work packages that help prioritize work under any PM methodology
— Custom reports and business intelligence tools
— Quick additions
— Workbench with activity flow (and emails), processes that run and work to do.

Agile Digital Business Transformation means the journey to a more digital, intelligent and flexible state. Traditional BPM software has focused on improving business efficiency and productivity; however, today’s businesses are using modern BPM platforms to drive Digital Transformation.
Comidor’s intelligent low-code BPM platform provides modeling, real-time information, optimization and decision making tools. In addition, it helps business leaders, business process managers, and IT solution managers improve their business results through process reengineering and transformation.

Features and Functions of BPM Commissioner

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Pobile Access
  • Pechnician Management
  • Pork Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Psset Tracking
  • Performance Metrics
  • Pxploration Data (Data Mining)
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Pedical Industry
  • Pata Fusion
  • Panel Communication
  • Podeling and Simulation
  • Penchmarking

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