Comindware Project

What is Comindware Project and what is it used for?

Comindware Project is a project management software that provides innovative technology for successful project planning, execution and collaboration. It is for teams and companies that offer urgent products and services that are expected to be delivered with the highest quality.

— Automated prioritized planning allows you to get rid of unproductive scheduling of manual tasks. The project plan is created automatically after you assign tasks to team members and set priorities with the intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

— The Predictive Real-Time Gantt Chart makes it easy to track the status of your project. Delayed work is automatically reshaped for the future and shows you the actual project milestones and deadlines.

— Unmatched team collaboration capabilities that dramatically increase employee productivity by enabling teams to collaborate in the context of their work.

Comindware offers flexible pricing that must fit the full range of organizations, and is available in the cloud and on-premises versions.

Comindware Project’s project management software helps you get your job done by dramatically simplifying project planning for managers and facilitating task execution for project members.

Save hours of your time by planning and prioritizing activities with Comindware Automated Priory-Planning.
Easily create tasks, assign resources, and prioritize for drag-and-drop.
The project plan is created automatically and is based on the actual resource workload and work schedule.
Intuitive project tracking enables team members to calculate realistic lead times by tracking actual task completion progress.
Configure task deadline alerts while project tracking will be notified instantly if your tasks are delayed.

Comindware project management software automatically recalculates the project plan to represent the actual project completion date and presents it in an intuitive Gantt chart view.

Use baselines to take snapshots of your project plan, see how it has changed over time, and make appropriate corrections.
Locate project issues at the start of project execution and make timely management decisions with the Comindware Project Management Tool.
Use the real-time Gantt predictive diagram to track the current resource workload and task completion progress.

Business analytics, configurable dashboards and reports will ensure timely decision making

Features and Functions of Comindware Project

  • Proposals generation
  • Pompliance management
  • Pamification
  • Pommitment leads
  • Pampaign Management
  • Pontent detection
  • Potential Customers Management
  • Pontent Library Already Approved
  • Pocial Networks Monitoring
  • Pingle Record

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