What is CONSTANT CONTACT and what is it used for?

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Who is CONSTANT CONTACT aimed at?

Designed to help owners of small businesses, independent workers, non -profit organizations and individuals to do more and grow more than ever.

Features and Functions of CONSTANT CONTACT

  • Order Management
  • Ourchase Order Management
  • Onventory Management
  • Oinancial Management
  • Oeports /Analysis Creation
  • Oarehouse Management
  • Onventory Management
  • Ooint of Sale (Pos) to The Retail
  • Oultiple Locations
  • Oeports/Analysis Creation
  • Oiscount Management
  • Olectronic Signature
  • Oarcode Reading
  • Ocommerce Integration
  • Oevenue Management
  • Oreation of Reports/Analysis
  • Oommissary Management
  • Order Management
  • Oultiple Locations
  • Oncome Management

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