What is Contalog and what is it used for?

A multichannel digital trading platform, Contalog aims to bring retail businesses to online selling platforms. Justifying the word multichannel digital commerce Conalog allows a company

• Create an e-commerce store
• Mobile app
• B2B portal for customers to place orders
• Host products in multi-vendor markets

Contalog contributes to improving offline sales. Contalog’s Archived Sales App enables one by one marketers to impress customers with the digital catalog and place orders on the go.

The Contalog Retail Partner Platform is designed to help retail showroom partners through a tablet enabled app that allows them to access inventory, display demos, review customer order history, and do more.

In addition to providing numerous opportunities to sell, Contalog still manages to simplify administration-related tasks. With centralized inventory, Contalog helps business owners manage inventory, mix products between warehouses, and perform other inventory related tasks across all sales channels through a single interface.

Product information management, product variation-specific detail, order processing and much more can be done centrally.

Cosmetic touches and functional changes can be made to a theme so that each pixel of it looks and behaves the way you want. We don’t believe in forcing the UI rather, we imagine the behavior of users and find interfaces that are intriguing and can’t be used without complications.

Contalog offers an optimized inventory system that allows you to keep multiple products clutter-free. All you have to do is upload your products in minutes and start selling from day one. As it sells, the uninterrupted inventory system updates changes.

Process orders and speed the delivery process by managing customer orders from the backend. Your orders will be synchronized with inventory, so you can continue to replenish stocks as they are sold.

Your product may be of different types depending on size, color or capacity, and may be other attributes. Never worry about keeping those details again. Our product information management is specially designed for detailed product information management.

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