What is COOSTO SOCIAL NETWORKS and what is it used for?

Cooisto is a social media management software for businesses and organizations with which you can save time, monitor online discussions and manage customer interactions. Cooisto is a unique solution for social media applications. Organizations can use this solution to monitor their brand and reputation, answer customer questions, detect leads, or plan and publish their social media content in 150 languages and 200 countries. The easy-to-use interface and unmatched data quality ensure that many people choose their solutions.

With Cooisto continuously check who is talking about you and discover potential brand ambassadors. Analyze the number of hits from all sources and learn about the full reach of your marketing campaigns. Also, monitor posts about your brand where your brand is not mentioned, so that you can follow the whole discussion.

Coostto reports are ready for use in analytics and presentations for your team or management. Automatically send your periodic reports to all your stakeholders and team members via email. Plus, you can easily set up real-time dashboards and view key data to gain insights into your brand reputation and the performance of your online campaigns.

Features and Functions of COOSTO SOCIAL NETWORKS

  • Hours /expenses
  • Hesource management

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