What is COR PROJECT MANAGEMENT and what is it used for?

COR Project Management: The most friendly project management tool for task management, time tracking and team collaboration, COR Project Management helps project managers keep their work accountable and take their company to the next level.

Having a clear view of your team’s activity is not an easy task. From the task board, COR Project Management provides the necessary information to keep a detailed track not only of the status of each task, but of the work being done by each team member. From this dashboard, you can edit priorities, delivery dates, specific information, exchange messages and files, record milestones, monitor hours worked, adjust estimates.

The current situation of work within your business is very easy to analyze with the tools that COR provides. Make real-time decisions, get everyone notified, and improve your company’s performance completely.

Finding and sharing passwords is always a problem: you don’t know where to save them and how to display them. With COR, you can store all your passwords in the most secure place, with Amazon server infrastructure, and provide restricted access only to those who need them.

COR is the most friendly Project Management tool for task management, not only because of its own features, but also because it has integrations with the tools you are already using.


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