What is Corecommerce and what is it used for?

CoreCommerce is a reliable and customizable hosted e-commerce platform, suitable for entrepreneurs and medium-sized or growing businesses.

From businesses to small to medium businesses, develop your online presence and create a store with a new look and easy navigation, all linked automatically to the shopping cart. Gain speed to market and increase sales by having a complete hosted platform at your fingertips, including marketing, customer management, inventory, order management, shipping, tax, payments, and analytics tools — to name a few.

Let us connect our cart on your website and will open a door to an integrated global platform with over 100 other e-commerce applications. Your cart will perfectly match the design of your website. We host your online store with a subdomain, such as This is ideal for companies that have invested heavily in their existing corporate websites and need to enable e * Commerce.

The platform supports your retail and wholesale business with pricing options based on customer groups and login credentials. Vendors can be provided with restricted access to your store so that they can manage their own products and prices, saving you time and effort to become a marketer. Do you need to sell goods on consignment and have them ship shipped? Let us show you how.

CoreCommerce drives business growth. Our robust management dashboard maximizes business operations and integrates seamlessly with best-in-class third-party tools built to attract customers throughout the purchase process, make fast and uninterrupted payments, and increase conversions. Plus, industry-leading uptimes, superior bandwidth and proven site security ensure your site captures every sale.

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