What is Craftybase and what is it used for?

Keep track of what you produce. Craftybase is a complete manufacturing solution (MRP) built for in-house manufacturers. Its capabilities include real-time inventory and manufacturing management, bill of material pricing and costing, order and revenue tracking, batch tracking for end-to-end traceability, inventory valuation calculation and COGS, and live pricing suggestions to optimize profit margins. The software makes it easy for administrators to link automatically generated order codes to customer accounts and automatically adjust order cancellations and damaged or lost stock at all inventory levels. It offers businesses to use IRS-approved methods to collect and submit cost of goods sold (COGS) information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) via Schedule C or Form 1040. Craftybase also offers batch tracking functionality, which allows professionals to track product batches to track raw materials throughout the supply chain and generate material traceability reports.

Who is Craftybase aimed at?

Designed for different types of companies, regardless of size.

Features and Functions of Craftybase

  • Import of multimedia files
  • Iendering
  • ID drawing
  • Iideo editing

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