CREW Project Management

What is CREW Project Management and what is it used for?


Keep everyone on the same page. Crew powers the front of your business in an easy-to-use application. More than 10,000 companies in all industries are using Crew to streamline communications, engage employees and drive business results. You can use Crew to send an immediate message to all team members, distribute the schedule, find shift coverage, and recognize the best performing employees across your organization.

It’s free and works on any smartphone. Add coworker phone numbers to make your computer work. You can choose between your contacts or perform a massive charge to save time. Phone numbers are kept private in the app and you get a computer directory that everyone can access at all times, making communication very easy.

It’s very easy to get your computer running quickly. With Crew you can manage all work-related communication for Messages, Schedules, Tasks and Recognition in one convenient place. You can customize Crew to use all the features or choose only those that are appropriate for your team. Leaders can manage permissions and everyone can set notification preferences.

Features and Functions of CREW Project Management

  • Marketing Automation Integration

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