Crowd Connected

What is Crowd Connected and what is it used for?

Crowd Connected: Delivering unrivalled real-time reports that come to life through an intuitive web console.

A real-time picture of how the crowd is interacting with their surroundings. Insight provides a set of tools that allows event operations teams to be proactive, not just reactive. Provides a real-time actionable view of your event dynamics and customer experience.

Use it to schedule staff, predict customer demand, or respond effectively to an unforeseen incident. How long does it take for attendees to arrive from A to B? Where are the tails and pinching points? Are the personnel deployed in the right places? Ideal for control rooms, Insight tells you what is happening on the ground at every element of your event.

By capturing mobile device location data with unmatched accuracy, Colocator Insight provides an industry-leading toolset that provides up-to-date monitoring of your attendees KPIs — where they are and what they are doing.

Because our location technology is ‘always on, ‘we can also display metrics in real time before and after your customers are within the perimeter of your headquarters. How long do they take for transit to or from your event? What modes of transport are they using? Insight quickly exposes these patterns, and more.

Real-time heat maps in custom mapping backgrounds with configurable resolution and playback functionality. Standard format report on the event (pedestrian crossing, waiting time per region, etc.) within 72 hours after the end of the event.

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