What is Crowdvirality and what is it used for?

Crowdvirality is a social media management board for managing Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, in real time.

Crowdvirality provides a platform for participation, programming and publishing for companies to interact with social media customers. Save time and resources by managing multiple social networks in one place.

With Crowdvirality, interact with your customers by sending updates, messages and notifications with a single click. Engage better with your customers in real time, and archive your answers for future uses. With Crowdvirality discover what your customers have to say about your brand on different social networks.

Also, target the right social audience based on language, location, and demographic factors. Follow social history, collaborate with other teams, and have their team leaders review your posts. Also set permissions for each team member on a per-role basis.

Features and Functions of Crowdvirality

  • Service History Tracking
  • Sobile Access
  • Sechnician Management
  • Sork Order Management
  • Sreventive Maintenance
  • Snventory Management

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