What is Datamelt and what is it used for?

DataMelt offers a computation and visualization solution with a comprehensive Java API for data analysis. It will be used for numerical calculations, statistics, symbolic calculations, data analysis, and 2D/3D data visualization. DataMelt includes hundreds of examples written in Java, Jython/Python, Groovy, Ruby/JRuby, BeanShell. The program is was founded by Dr. S.Chekanov in 2005. It is now a community of developers and users who focus on algorithms, scientific and numerical programs written mainly in Java.

DataMelt is a small non-profit organization. They don’t use government funds. They survive with donations and membership fees that go to web services, documentation projects and user support.The mission of DataMelt is to promote scientific computing for science and education, believe that any knowledge software should be free and accessible for education and education. research, based on the fact that computers and scientific programs help to discover the world around us.

DataMelt is a free software for numerical computing, mathematics, statistics, symbolic calculations, data analysis and data visualization. This cross-platform program combines the simplicity of script languages, such as Python, Ruby, Groovy (and others), with the power of hundreds of Java packages.

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