What is Dataminr and what is it used for?

Dataminr overcomes pre-viral moments, allowing brands to quickly enter into social media conversations in the early stages with more authenticity. Delivering smart content helps brands control their image and win new fans with less effort. It also helps reduce the risk of errors that can tarnish a solid reputation.

Dataminr’s real-time alerts help customer-centric brands, including major airlines, detect even the most insignificant issues in their early stages, allowing brands to react and respond before the story spreads through social media.

Communications professionals rely on Dataminr to receive alerts about events and stories that impact the company as soon as possible, gaining valuable time to defuse a crisis or act on a branding opportunity.

Dataminr customers are the first to know about high-impact events and critical information, allowing them to act faster and stay one step ahead. ALERT ON

— Learn about last-minute events with real-time alerts that are relevant to you
— Learn more about events taking place for a complete picture

— Alerts categorized by type, importance and data source
— Easy identification of important and relevant information
: images and videos to provide context and improve decision making

Features and Functions of Dataminr

  • Compliance management
  • Clerts and notifications
  • Cisks evaluation
  • Communication panel
  • Cask management
  • Cudit planning
  • Cisk management
  • Croblem management
  • Cudit management

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