Dataviv ‘By Sphinx

What is Dataviv ‘By Sphinx and what is it used for?

Advanced online quantitative analysis software for all types of studies (market studies, sociological, satisfaction, work environment, product testing, etc.) with integrated module of textual analysis and data visualization. It analyzes in depth the results through different analyses: cross-analysis, regression, benchmark, satisfaction matrices, cluster, ACP, AFC, average comparisons, etc. 

Just by dragging and dropping the variables between them you will automatically obtain a graph or table with the statistical information (test used, p value, elements on and underrepresented, etc.). No programming required. 

Combine it with textual analysis (topics, tone, orientation) and create your own interactive online results report that can be exported to Office. 

All-in-1 single integrated tool: quantitative-quali analysis and visualization

Who is Dataviv ‘By Sphinx aimed at?

Aimed at anyone who wants to analyze studies data (business intelligence, market studies, product tests, satisfaction studies, work climate and performance, social media comments, interviews and Focus Groups …).

Features and Functions of Dataviv ‘By Sphinx

  • Data visualization
  • Dtatistical simulation
  • Dredictive analysis

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