What is DELTA SALES APP and what is it used for?

Delta Sales Tool is the greatest all-in-one field sales management software and sales force automation app for automating your sales process and managing your field staff using GPS tracking system. Our sales tool also allows you to establish tasks and activities for each employee and update them on the go, ensuring that no job or activity is delayed. All of your reports are created automatically following each data enter, with no further effort on your part.
Delta Sales Tool is a mobile sales app designed to improve the efficiency, convenience, and productivity of the whole sales process. It includes tools for managing accounts, contacts, activities, and tasks, as well as offline operations such as GPS monitoring of team members and automated report generating.

Who is DELTA SALES APP aimed at?

Delta Sales App is an application for sales force designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors to optimize their field sales activities and accelerate sales.

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