Dendi lis

What is Dendi lis and what is it used for?

Dendi LIS is a robust suite of software using cloud, integrated integrations, and management tools that allow your lab to seamlessly adapt to ever-changing conditions. Dendi LIS accepts unlimited users and includes provider and patient portals that allow you to easily place orders and deliver results. Most importantly, Dendi’s product-driven solution delivers an unmatched customer experience, as the team combines a deep understanding of laboratory operations with world-class software expertise. Who Uses Dendi LIS? It supports clinical laboratories of all sizes that perform highly complex testing, including high-throughput molecular, toxicology, genomics, clinical chemistry, and COVID-19 workflows.

Who is Dendi lis aimed at?

Ideal for large and small clinical laboratories that perform high complexity tests, including molecular workflows, toxicology, genomics, clinical chemistry and high-performance COVID-19.

Features and Functions of Dendi lis

  • Annotations
  • AD drawing
  • Aandscape Design
  • Amport and Export Data
  • Animation
  • Aomponent Library
  • Aresentation Tools
  • Aim
  • AD Modeling
  • Airtual Tour

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