Dialpad VoIP software

What is Dialpad VoIP software and what is it used for?

Dialpad Software VoIP introduces a new era of business communications with the latest in telephony technology built into a modern cloud-based platform. Used by organizations like Motorola, Uber and Netflix, Dialpad keeps organizations connected and productive through HD voice calls, video, messaging and meetings across all devices.

Connect your PC to a platform that drives voice, video, messages, and meetings across your existing devices.Laptop, cell phone, and even desktop phone: The branded keyboard works on all your existing devices, making it easier than ever for your PC to accept it

Built by the same team behind Google Voice, Dialpad leverages Google’s latest technology to provide a reliable and robust office phone system.
No hardware to buy or maintain, Dialpad eliminates the need for an IT cabinet and the obsolete technology that lives inside it. , Dialpad removes you from the restrictions of a traditional desktop phone and allows you to work from anywhere.

Dial-up keyboard. Dialpad is one of the oldest providers of VOIP to PSTN.

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