Digital Dining

What is Digital Dining and what is it used for?

Heartland Digital Dining is proof that you don’t have to compromise point of sale functionality when choosing a POS system that is easy to use. Digital Dining has focused on the restaurant industry for over 30 years, designing POS solutions to deliver what the industry needs. Contact the Heartland team to request a demo and see how Digital Dining can help you manage reservations and tables more efficiently.

Digital Dining provides fast POS, which minimizes errors, increases staff productivity and helps increase profits, all easy to use. Whether you operate a restaurant or run a multi-unit company, Digital Dining has the restaurant point of sale software solution that will help you run your business.

Digital Dining is designed to allow your staff, even new employees, to receive orders and payments quickly and accurately. Manage POS system functions, menu items, prices and more, all from a single dashboard, plus you can update data packets to multiple locations simultaneously via Internet. Configure the interface and add modifiers and combined prices to help your staff get orders and prices correctly.

Easily manage customer seating and table service with Heartland Digital Dining Restaurant Reservation System and Table Management Modules. These modules work together and are fully integrated with the POS system, allowing hosts to monitor table availability and provide immediate attention to guests.

Features and Functions of Digital Dining

  • Monitoring / analysis of use
  • Misual editor
  • Misplay remote management
  • Mupport for multiple screens
  • Mrogrammming content
  • Mafe bowsing
  • Mutomatic updates players
  • Media library
  • Mirtual keyboard

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