Digital Fashion Pro

What is Digital Fashion Pro and what is it used for?

Create professional fashion sketches and design clothes with Fashion Pro digital fashion design software. Ideal for fashion designers, fashion lines, beginners, and high school and college fashion design education. Digital Fashion Pro is a complete training system with digital fabrics and hundreds of editable garments that allows users to create professional sketches and designs without drawing. Great ease of use. Anyone can create amazing patterns. Use the discount code Capterra18. There are 6 versions to choose from below: Basic, Business Class, Industry, Mogul, Style Blast Edition 25 items, VIP package 29 items. Style Blast Edition features up to 200 clothing manufacturers from around the world to create their own designs. Digital Fashion Professional is much more than just software: it’s a complete solution to help you launch the fashion career of your dreams. There is no such program, it is easy to use even for beginners!

Who is Digital Fashion Pro aimed at?

Ideal for fashion designers, fashion lines, beginners and education in secondary and university fashion design.

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