Digital Pigeon

What is Digital Pigeon and what is it used for?

Digital Pigeon is a great file delivery service, reliable, secure and efficient, aimed at digital media producers and creative directors.

Every time you upload videos, images or audio, our system generates a web ready preview that your customer can instantly access. Your client can stream or view your work on any device and in any browser.

Digital Pigeon tells you when your customers received your files, accessed them or even sent files to you. You can receive alerts in the office or on the move: by email, phone notification or Slack.

Receive large files from your customers and vendors by sending them to a custom branding upload page. Send them a link to the incredibly intuitive interface: they don’t even need to sign up for an account with Digital Pigeon!

Your customers can easily provide point-and-click comments on a variety of media files. Our intuitive system reduces emails and phone calls and there is a log of modifications to ensure you don’t miss anything.

You can access Digital Pigeon and all of its files anywhere through our web application. Our desktop apps make file transfers even faster and our mobile apps mean you can access files and monitor customer activity… on the go!

Created specifically for industries that share large files on a regular basis, our tool includes workflow features to help our customers improve their workflow, manage projects smoothly, and present their business professionally.

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