Digital Roots

What is Digital Roots and what is it used for?

With Interactions Digital Roots, you can easily monitor, measure and interact with social media conversations about your brand from a single platform. By leveraging artificial intelligence, our system can stream conversations and conversations from highly relevant customers from any source on the web.

Unlike most traditional listening and social engagement tools that rely on user-generated rules and popular keywords to identify opportunities for participation, Digital Roots leverages artificial intelligence to analyze social conversations and find the most relevant.

Our tool eliminates the need for manual searches, so you can spend more time interacting with the right customers. And since we incorporate natural language processing and machine learning, our tool learns from what users do and becomes smarter over time.

Using smart moderation, Interactions Digital Roots technology can easily find, prioritize, and classify social media posts in real time. Our solution can understand customer intent and route prioritized conversations automatically, so you can listen to and participate in any social media platform, without the limitations of keyword based solutions.

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