What is Digitile and what is it used for?

Digitile is an enterprise document search engine designed to consolidate and organize file metadata and make it easier to search for content.

Digitile is designed as an easy-to-use file search engine where you can quickly find all your files in the cloud on Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, G Suite and Office 365. With a central operating base, everyone can search, create, and edit and collaborate on the same file. It’s that easy to find files faster.

Digitile’s file search engine delivers the files that best fit your search query from your favorite storage drives. Hashashtags and keywords are all you need to find your files.

Enter your Digitile search and speed reads into your storage units in seconds to quickly find that exact file. All you do is log in once. Digitile is your only source for locating files so you don’t have to jump on and off multiple platforms.

With Digitile you’ll also get related content based on your file search, so you can easily access buried documents. Preview your files in full-screen view to see if the details are the exact content you need.

Easily share content with your entire team, including users who can still view and download content with your permission. The Digitile interface securely links to these platforms by storing limited file metadata along with a thumbnail or full-screen image of each file to improve search results.

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