What is Direction and what is it used for?

With DirectIQ, both a novice and a marketing expert can easily and quickly create email campaigns in just a few steps.!

Import your contacts in just a few clicks, from any source!. Whether you have contacts on your PC, or you use an online service like Google Apps.

With DirectIQ you can run targeted campaigns that really work, enjoy the highest reputation for your shipments, and receive valuable metrics.

The DirectIQ interface allows you to easily enjoy even the most advanced features of email marketing.

For example, take the page to schedule your campaigns, fast and easy to use. You’ll be launching your campaigns in no time! Start by naming your campaign and choosing the template. Then select one or more contact lists and add targeting criteria as required. The third step allows you to define who will send the campaign and the email that will appear as the sender. At that moment you will have everything ready to bomb with your message!

Easily create fabulous emails with our editor or choose from many free templates.

Launch targeted email campaigns that really work! Enjoy the highest reputation when it comes to your shipments and get your messages to your inbox.

Get instant message sending reports as well as geo-tracking details and history of your contacts.

Instantly import your email contacts from virtually any platform. Use as many custom fields as you need.

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