DOCCF School Management

What is DOCCF School Management and what is it used for?

Get to know DocCF, easily manage your school and project your academic level now! DocCF allows you to manage more than 60 school, academic and administrative procedures such as enrollment, scheduling, attendance control, record of grades, generation of academic newsletters, payment management, sending email notifications, school transportation management… and much more!

All the procedures in DocCF are organized by modules which will allow for an orderly and efficient management of the School. In this way, you will be able to generate fast and complete information for the use or analysis among all the components of the Educational Community: managerial positions, teachers, students and parents.

DocCF includes in a single software all the school, academic and administrative processes of the School, facilitating coordination between management positions, teachers, students and parents through the optimization of all possible resources, saving you effort, time and money.

DocCF has many advantages:

  • It is flexible to any educational system in Latin America and Spain.
  • It is in accordance with the regulations of each country.
  • It is compatible with government license plate systems in Latin America such as SIAGIE, SIMAT, SEIEM among others.
  • Iou can customize the DocCF interface with the appropriate terminology for your Country.
  • Illows you to create custom fields in the Student Card as a complement to the information required in the Enrollment process.
  • Iou can adjust a custom design of all teacher and student management reports according to your needs.
  • It has a system of control of inputs and outputs in rooms or restricted spaces by means of a fingerprint reader.
  • Itudents anonymously evaluate each teacher according to 20 personalized criteria classified in: Personal presentation, Methodology and teaching, Use of didactic aids, Respect and help.

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