Platform Domo

What is Platform Domo and what is it used for?

Domo gives every business user, from executives to interns, the power to make better informed decisions in less time. It’s not just a data visualization tool, a dashboard, or anything you think you’ve seen before. It’s a business management platform, and it changes everything.

Domo is a Statistical Analysis Software created by the company Domo Technologies (United States).
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Domo provides a customizable platform for statistical analysis, visualization and collaborative action for decision-making. Delivering the world’s leading business optimization software platform, Domo helps business decision makers by connecting to their people and data, through the organization, to make faster and better informed decisions.

The power of the platform.
Seven enterprise-scale systems that work together to connect your business and drive smart decision making.

Integrate from
all sources

Deliver speed
to scale

Clean, Join
and Combine

Empowering everyone
with ideas

seamless collaboration

PREDICT See what’s next
with AI tools

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