What is DROPSEND and what is it used for?

DropSend, is an application for sending large files online, without restrictions by email attachment sizes.

It is an ingenious loading and unloading tool that can simplify your life a lot. Use it to send and upload multiple files quickly and easily, directly from your desktop. You never have to worry about interrupted uploads and slow Internet connection.

DropSend Direct for Mac combines all the great features of the PC version with a sleek Mac interface and OS integration. You can manage your files more efficiently without worrying about anything.

Start sending large files in minutes. DropSend Direct for PC is very fast, easy to use and reliable even if you have an unstable Internet connection. Your uploads will automatically resume when the connection is back.

DropSend for Outlook is an add-on that allows you to attach large files to your Outlook emails using your DropSend account. With DropSend for Outlook, your emails will be sent quickly and securely and will never be recovered.

Share files and manage their storage directly from your iOS or Android device. With the mobile app, you can upload files to your storage and send them, access your Inbox, review submitted items, and manage your account.

Send large files up to 8GB to important customers, back up all your files online, store and access important information from anywhere, and securely archive all your critical data.

Features and Functions of DROPSEND

  • Training plan
  • Tnline payments
  • Tibrary Exercise
  • Tttendance Tracking
  • Tembership Management
  • Took online
  • Teal planning
  • Tuilt -in database
  • Tlectronic payments
  • Tustomer management
  • Tctivity monitoring
  • Tilling
  • Tanagement and synchronization of calendar
  • Tietary analysis
  • Tistorical reports
  • Tustomizable templates
  • Tctivities management
  • Tanagement and programming of dating

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