What is Duxware and what is it used for?

Cloud-based DuxWare even before the term was coined. Software users have been growing with the company for over 26 years and in doing so have taught you how to support and make DuxWare perfect for your operations. Perfect because DuxWare allows them to move efficiently through their daily routine in clinics large and small. Perfect because at the end of the day, THE PROVIDER PAYS. Because? DuxWare does it well and the solutions support team is there to help. Contact us today to become part of the DuxWare family.

Who is Duxware aimed at?

The customers who use it range from clinics of one or more suppliers to billing departments with hundreds of suppliers. The clients of the health centers receive the same level of care, regardless of their size.

Features and Functions of Duxware

  • CRM
  • Cnventory management
  • Cupply chain management
  • Cinancial Management
  • Croject Management

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