Dynamic Flows Suite

What is Dynamic Flows Suite and what is it used for?

Dynamic Flows Suite is an innovative and efficient application integrated directly into Outlook, MS Office and Windows that automates document management.

Share documents within your company with total peace of mind, store and manage any type of file in Dynamic Flows with a simple and accessible interface from your Outlook and other MS Office programs. In addition, define and control the structure of your folders and optimize the internal processes of your company.

Record a history of changes to your documents and make sure everyone works with the latest version of the documents but saves a unique file. This eliminates the risk of loss of information and error, and preserves the history of any changes made to a document. It also offers traceability that allows you to see who has made the changes, when and eventually undo them.

Increases access to information inside and outside the company. It allows your documents to be accessible internally and externally according to your needs, and provides your customers with secure access to your documentation.

With Dynamic Flows Suite you get an advanced search with multiple criteria. Configure tags or metadata in a personalized and specific way for your organization, improving your ability and that of your team to search and locate documentation quickly and easily. Speed up content searches across all your documents, emails and attachments.

Dynamic Flows Suite protects your documents with custom access rights and level of confidentiality. All files are encrypted and anonymized on the server to ensure that access is restricted exclusively to authorized users. In addition, it allows server access to be configurable and suitable for groups, individuals, or project-based or client-based.

Features and Functions of Dynamic Flows Suite

  • Technician management
  • Tork Order Management
  • Treventive Maintenance
  • Tnventory Management

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