Earshot Social Networks Monitoring

What is Earshot Social Networks Monitoring and what is it used for?

EarshotTM is a next-generation mobile app and web platform that advances how location is used to give more importance and impact to your opinions and experiences in real time. Earshot has pioneered a new “micro-listening” approach at the publishing level that is revolutionizing the way brands can achieve better business results.

Harness the power of Earshot’s Decibel LevelTM scoring system to identify new influencers, acquire new customers, and improve global social media management. Earshot Decibel LevelTM brings together dozens of variables that are relevant to a specific brand or campaign to help marketers leverage knowledge of conditions, emotions and behaviors in real time to achieve better business results.

Earshot translates real-time behaviors or emotions, such as intent, needs and feeling, along with other marketing signals on social networks in real time, such as locating opportunities on the surface to win customers. Identifies new influencers and brand advocates who would otherwise go unnoticed and involve them in real time when the brand is in the first place and their propensity to share is maximum.

In addition, interact with live event attendees to achieve offline goals, such as sampling or surprise and delight, and extend sponsor dollars through more specific paid campaigns in real time.

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