Easysendy Pro

What is Easysendy Pro and what is it used for?

EasySendy Pro offers your company efficient email marketing and drip email automation features. Increase your subscribers quickly and easily!.

Add customizable EasySendy Web Popup forms to your website and capture your customers’ emails. Allow your visitors to subscribe in a few clicks!.

EasySendy Pro also includes a drip email automation flow generator and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system. It also has an extensive collection of templates for various businesses.

Capture your website subscribers automatically
Embed powerful customizable pop web forms on your website and capture visitor emails automatically to increase your email lists. Improve and increase the quality of your email list with outbound pops, in-site messaging, one-click social registration buttons, pop-on-scroll and more.

Automatically subscribe to emails and keep them committed to high-conversion email campaigns.

Drag & Drop Drip Automation Flow
Generator Use our simple drip & drag email automation flow generator to create email campaigns in less than a minute. Build attractive automation drips based on different conditions, decisions, and actions.

Automatically turn on the next action based on your subscribers’ clicks and email openings.

Create A/B tests for your email campaigns, set up tracking email autoresponders, and launch event-based email campaigns.

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