What is ECAMM Live and what is it used for?

Ecamm Live lets you quickly and easily create professional-looking live streams or pre-produced videos right from your Mac. Stand out from the crowd with high-quality videos recorded with a DSLR or digital camera in your mirror. Most cameras are plug-and-play. Connect with a simple USB cable and instantly see the difference in quality. Add logos, headers, bottom thirds, and graphics; Split screen; play video clips; interview guests; use chroma and more. Live streams and videos can be prepared in advance using Ecamm’s Scenes feature or created on the fly; all with simple drag-and-drop controls. Go live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn or Twitch at the click of a button. Enjoy integration with Restream or Switchboard Live to play multiple streams simultaneously on more than 40 channels.

Who is ECAMM Live aimed at?

Marketing professionals, videographers and anyone with a story to tell.

Features and Functions of ECAMM Live

  • Plagiarism detection
  • Ptyle verification
  • Prammar check
  • Porrector contextual
  • Porrector score
  • Pheck spelling
  • Pictionary / ahesaurus
  • Putomation
  • Pmmediate functionality
  • Pest comments
  • Patches and patches Updates
  • Pase of use
  • Pile management
  • Pest history
  • Pmulation
  • Pultilingual support

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