ECHOSEC Social networks

What is ECHOSEC Social networks and what is it used for?

Echosec is an industry-leading localization intelligence platform. Combining social media publications with geographic data, Echosec collects real-time, user-driven information that supports industries ranging from retail, hospitality, journalism and security.

Echosec gathers data based on the real-time location of social networks, blogs, and news sources. Create and engage your audience, monitor brand status, analyze event impact, and understand the latest news as they happen. Look at any location and look at the data stream in Flter. Results by keyword, username, and date range to cut the clutter.

With Echosec you can see what is happening, on the ground, in real time. Just log in, look for an area of interest and look at all the posts from public social networks and geo-tagged that appear on the map. Quickly find top users and hashtags. Filter publications by influence and scope, and export results for advanced analytics, quarterly reporting, or custom file manipulation.

Designed to reduce searches and get fast results, the Echosec Enterprise platform detects keywords and image content, and sends high-priority notifications to your team. Instead of consulting ten different social networks to get the intelligence you need, Echosec offers you the whole Internet, all in one place.

Features and Functions of ECHOSEC Social networks

  • Inventory Management
  • Iervice History Tracking
  • Iobile Access
  • Isset Tracking
  • Ieys and Locks Management
  • Iechnician Management
  • Iork Order Management
  • Ireventive Maintenance

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