Edge Pos

What is Edge Pos and what is it used for?

At Edge POS they know that their restaurant is unique, because of that they have created a point of sale system that fits the needs of their premises. Many of its employees have experience in restaurant management and administration and use that knowledge to evaluate and select only the best restaurant point of sale systems.

When partnering with SilverEdge, experts will analyze your menu, optimize the structure, and then import it into your new pos system. This process ensures that your menu is ready for quick and easy order entry. Special structures for modifiers are taken into account in advance to ensure that the menu is imported into the pos system with the workflow of your employees in the head.

SilverEdge provides you with reports and analytics so you can track and analyze your restaurant’s activity. Easily determine your rush hour, the most popular dishes, the employees who get the most tips or the most profitable day of the week. Run inventory reports to determine if you are ordering the correct levels of the right ingredients on the right days of the week. By understanding your restaurant, you can make informed decisions about the strategy for generating revenue.

Your restaurant will thrive by creating a positive dining experience for each client. SilverEdge Restaurant POS systems give you the tools you need to optimize your restaurant for flawless service. Tablet-based systems allow you to take orders next to the table to improve the accuracy and speed of the order in the kitchen. Your customers will leave your restaurant feeling attentive and ready to tell your friends about their amazing experience

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