What is Efilecabinet and what is it used for?

EFileCABINET, Inc. offers a set of document management software products and services to help businesses and people work faster.

EFileCABINET accommodates your paper documents and digital data through automated organization, approvals and sharing from a single dashboard. We prove that document management is more than just storing and sharing data—it’s a new way to interact with, leverage and run it.

Fully customizable for your business, advanced workflows unlock the power of automation. The out-of-box integration makes deployment quick and easy so you can get started.

It has due dates, revenue targets, and a business to focus on. You can’t spend time that you don’t have to scan, label, and organize the flood of paper data and documents. Let eFileCABINET’s incomparable automation take care of it, so you know it’s always organized, compliant, and secure.

Achieve true efficiency with custom workflows designed for your business. With unique advanced templates and automated processes, EFileCatalog can easily convert any document into a complete structure and directory. Feel safe knowing that eFileCabinet’s award-winning SecureDrawer feature keeps the right files in the right hands, and nowhere else.

Only EFileTab’s advanced search technology can deliver OCR, metadata, and intelligent automation capabilities at all levels of your system. By one-click sharing the files you want, audits lose their excessive reach, protecting the privacy of your client and the organization.

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