Elastic Path

What is Elastic Path and what is it used for?

Elastic Path is a “headless” e-commerce system that allows template-free e-commerce to be integrated as an intermediate software into Enterprise ERP systems. The system is API based and is specifically targeted at enterprise-level organizations.

Build next-level customer experiences that define your business today, tomorrow and in the future. Elastic Path Commerce is the first enterprise API-based e-commerce platform built from the ground up to leverage any point of contact and any technology.

Large companies offer immersive and personalized trading experiences that can literally redefine their brand. Experience-based eCommerce powered by Elastic Path enables brands to deliver contextual business experiences defined by each customer’s unique journey. Elastic Path Commerce is the most sophisticated business trading framework available. Create extraordinary trading experiences, continuously innovate and take advantage of any point of contact: social, mobile in the car, in the store, in person, website, smartphones, smart appliances.

Elastic Path Commerce’s integration platform facilitates elegant integration with any front-end and back-end system, creating a unified solution that frees your freedom to innovate no matter the future. This unbeatable approach delivers superior results for companies looking to continuously create brand defining experiences.

Take advantage of all the benefits of Elastic Path Commerce and combine them with the scalability, reliability, and performance of the world’s most powerful public cloud, Amazon Web Services.

Companies like Motability, TIBCO, SAS, Trimble, WinWholesale, Johnstone Supply and other B2B companies use Elastic Path to deliver unique shopping experiences. We are helping them build custom quotes using Salesforce, sell using unique compliance models, and integrate instead of reviewing systems to deliver real-time inventory and pricing.

Features and Functions of Elastic Path

  • Ticket management
  • Tlerts and raised

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