Ecommerce Episerver

What is Ecommerce Episerver and what is it used for?

Episerver Digital Commerce is a solution that offers a platform that unites digital content, commerce and marketing on a single screen, with powerful artificial intelligence.

Customize search, recommendations, and products for each visitor, for better conversion rates, higher revenue and order values, and lower total cost of ownership. Great shopping experiences are based on the use of compelling content to highlight products. Take control of the customer experience with a trading platform that has integrated digital marketing and content capabilities. Find out how you can quickly create an effective trading solution with connectors ready for other tools.

Episerver Digital Commerce combines content management, digital commerce and digital marketing into a single server-based platform known as the Digital Experience Cloud. The platform connects with the best existing digital marketing tools that are already in use, allowing marketers and sellers to offer enriching, relevant and personal experiences for their customers.

Episerver CMS has a number of features that help you work smarter. These include automatic A/B testing, home pages, and content recommendations. Episerver sites are created in ASP.NET MVC, a web application framework developed by Microsoft or by using our headless REST API.

Features and Functions of Ecommerce Episerver

  • CRM
  • Curchase Order Management
  • Crder Management
  • Cistribution Management
  • Cnventory Management
  • Cupply Chain Management
  • Cinancial Management
  • Ceports /Analysis Creation
  • Croject Management
  • Carehouse Management

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