What is ERYAURCE SCHEDULER and what is it used for?

eResource Scheduler (ERs) is a collaborative employee scheduling, planning and management software for multiple users. eResource Scheduler is specially designed and developed to allow organizations to efficiently schedule and plan their resources in projects/events/jobs, etc. client-server enables multiple users to collaborate and share data in real time. This provides real-time visibility of resources across the organization, even if an organization extends across multiple cities or countries. ERs can be easily configured to schedule customised employees/staff or defined resources such as rooms, equipment, vehicles, etc. In this process, the ERs employee scheduler also maximizes utilization at all levels of the organization.

eResource Scheduler is the best resource management and project planning application designed to simplify your project’s resource management process. It’s a great tool that loaded with all the features needed to effectively manage your resources in projects. It provides a clear view of the utilization and availability of your resources and ensures that the right resources work on the right projects.

Collaborative/multi-user resource management tool that allows you to manage resources in real time.

Manage human resources (employees) and non-human resources such as rooms, teams, etc.

Configurable work calendars to define resource capacity. Add multiple work calendars with different work times.

Powerful filters to identify needed resources based on various attributes.

Manage resources in different projects using simple drag and drop into the Gantt chart view.

Configurable resource attributes (qualification, skills, etc.) enable an efficient and appropriate profile of resources.

Our software supports configurable groups (team, offices, managers, etc.) for a better profile of resources according to the structure of the organization.

The resource start date marks the start of availability for projects.

The resource’s ‘last working date’ marks the end of availability for projects.

Finish resources that are no longer in the organization.

Features and Functions of ERYAURCE SCHEDULER

  • Barcodes/rfid
  • Bnventory control
  • Borecast
  • Burchasing cycle management
  • Bnventory audit
  • BPL Management
  • Bobile Warehouse Management
  • Beports/Analysis Creation
  • Bhipping Management Management
  • Betaile. Management
  • Bultichannel Management
  • Banufacturing inventory Management
  • Brders Renewal Management
  • Botification and Alerts
  • Btem Identification
  • Bobile Access
  • Bnventory Optimization
  • Btore Management

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