What is Esecuresend and what is it used for?

eCureEnd is a reliable and versatile managed file transfer solution that delivers the maximum performance of any bandwidth.

With eRecuresEnd, IT has the power and control they need. Project managers will have transfer reports, while our hands-on team will take the front lines to manage customer support and customer onboarding.

EsureEnd has a powerful transaction history panel and transaction history is at your fingertips. Detailed information can be easily accessed, including who transferred what, where and when they transferred it.

We guarantee that all content that moves through the eRecuresEnd platform is delivered 100% corruption-free. Anyone who needs to be notified will receive an email when the content has finished transferring. No more riddles!

ESECureEnd offers a service reliably, no matter what. The transfer work will efficiently use the available bandwidth. With 30-day cloud storage, it’s easy to recover files from the cloud if they’re accidentally lost later.

In 5 minutes or less, project managers can create and invite customers over the web without the involvement of IT. Receivers configure their automatic download computers/servers and default download locations. Regardless of technical expertise, transfer automation is within reach.

With eRecuresEnd both the sender and recipient of the transfer will receive email notifications upon completion. A detailed description of all transfers is detailed on the web portal. And with its easy-to-use customer interface and powerful configurations for your IT team, everyone will be happy.

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