What is EVALART and what is it used for?

Evalart is an online assessment platform that allows you to evaluate candidates in selection processes, as well as other types of evaluations such as climate surveys, video interviews, 360 interviews among others).
Among the hundreds of tests for personnel selection, Evalart has tests of intelligence, psychometrics, competencies, skills, programming, among others.

Evalart has advanced methods to prevent fraud during testing, such as web monitoring with artificial intelligence that ensures that there are no more people giving the test or another person from the test instead of the candidate.

Along with the ability to use catalog tests, Evalart allows you to create your own tests, either using questions from the question database or by creating your own questions.

Who is EVALART aimed at?

Professionals of the Personnel Selection Area, Talent Management and Human Resources. Also for area managers who want to perform specific evaluations, such as IT managers who want to evaluate developers or commercial managers who want to evaluate vendors.

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