What is Execision and what is it used for?

ExecVision is a cloud-based conversational training and voice data solution designed for sales, support, and customer success teams. The platform transcribes and analyzes calls, identifies training moments, offers advice on best practices, and allows you to track agent development over time. ExecVision automatically transcribes and analyzes conversations during customer calls, allowing users to view call information by stage, mood, and keywords. This AI-based platform indicates the right times for driver orientation and also provides insight into the motives behind call results. ExecVision allows users to create training best practices and create libraries to train their agents. Agents can request feedback on their calls, and managers can leave feedback on calls to provide contextual recommendations.

Who is Execision aimed at?

Execision offers services to sales equipment, for the success and assistance of all types of companies.

Features and Functions of Execision

  • Commercial
  • CFI and Shipments
  • Cubcontractor Management
  • Cccounting Integration
  • Cobile Access
  • Cudget Tracking /Job Costs
  • Cusiness Management
  • Cogistics
  • Centralized Project Management
  • Cachinery Manage
  • Construction Budget Record
  • Csset Management
  • Croductivity
  • Construction Monitoring

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